IWS Products

International Wealth Success develops, designs, and distributes highly regarded money-making books and kits that have created millionaires around the world. It all began with Tyler G. Hicks and his famous books and grew to almost two-hundred publications ranging from starting a simple mail-order business from your kitchen table to building a thriving inter-continental real estate empire. We have a saying that has been proven true time and time again: If you can dream it, then you can do it — and IWS shows you how!

International Wealth Success Newsletter. The world-wide monthly newsletter of unusual business opportunities for wealth builders! Each issue contains 16-plus pages of money-making ideas, tips and techniques. You get part-time money-making ideas; work from home tips, key information for making money in real estate; financial broker opportunities; finder fee listings; capital available sources in each issue; 100%-plus financing methods; ways to get money you need for business; business startup and growth techniques; mail-order riches opportunities; export-import trade leads, and more.

IWS Real Estate publications show you how to make money in real estate in many different ways. Products include: (1) Courses on basic investment in income real estate to earn a profit, courses on financing income real estate quickly and easily, courses on special aspects of financing income real estate–such as “hard money” commercial real estate loans, REITs–real estate investment trusts, and courses on foreclosure real estate. (2) Books on a variety of important real estate topics–zero-money-down financing, government sources of real estate loans and grants for income properties, profit opportunities in local real estate, building a real estate fortune using tax shelter opportunities, moneymaking chances in second mortgages, “flipping” real estate for profit, and several kinds of business directory and real estate loan sources. Each course and book is designed to help both beginning and experienced wealth builders save time and energy in their search for real estate wealth, working from home or an outside office.

IWS Export/Import publications show how you can start and run your own international business easily and work from home in your own homebased business or from a separate, rented office. Courses such as Export-Import Riches give step-by-step instructions on how to profit in this lucrative field. IWS books on export-import cover financing of export/import deals, sources of high-discount products for export, how to complete export/import documentation, information on freight forwarders, basic commercial correspondence in various languages, worldwide riches opportunities in the form of thousands of products wanted by overseas firms, along with the name, address, telephone/fax number of the firm seeking the product or products; how to be an export management agent, and more.

IWS Grants and Fundraising publications show how to prepare grant proposals, how to select and contact appropriate grantmakers, how to use grant money profitably; how to get grants for an organization or firm; what a grantor looks for when you submit a grant proposal; and much more. IWS kits on topics related to grants also include directories of grant making organizations–with name, address, types of grants made, purposes for which grants are made, and examples of recent grants with the amount and purpose of the grant. These listings are valuable in helping grant seekers find potential grantors who might be interested in supporting their projects. Note: most grants are NOT made for personal financial needs–only for helping specific groups of people. So these products are directed at professional group grants only–not personal grants.

IWS Financing information covers virtually every method and source for raising money for business and real estate—commercial and private loans, small business loans and personal loans, venture capital, credit lines, business plans, loan applications, church loans, aircraft financing, import-export financing, cosigners, real estate down payments, 100%+ financing, how to deal with an imperfect credit record, and much more. Individual books cover such topics as buying a business with no money down, venture capital funding methods, rebuilding one’s credit, plus a variety of financing techniques for every line of business, both nationwide and worldwide. In addition, the editorial staff is always ready to answer readers’ business questions.

IWS Mail Order books and business kits offer a great way to start and grow your own mail-order business while you work from home or in another location of your choice. They provide basic instruction in starting and succeeding in a mail-order business. IWS’s comprehensive mail-order business success kit covers every step in a mail-order business from selecting a product to banking the income daily. IWS also publishes several individual books on making money in mail order. Readers may choose from products for beginners and products for more experienced mail-order business owners.

More Great Business Books and Kits for people seeking businesses of their own. Here you’ll find books covering hundreds of homebased businesses that nearly anyone can start without a lot of cash. Products include Ty Hicks’ 203 Home-Based Businesses That Will Make You Rich, work from home tips, How to Start Your Own Business on a Shoestring and Make Up to $500,000 in a Year, the Franchise Riches Success Kit, Million Dollar Guide to Business & Real Estate Loan Sources, a business directory listing hundreds of business and real estate lenders,How to Run a Profitable Child Care Referral Service, and much, much more. All these kits and books are aimed at helping the reader earn more in a business he or she chooses to start or buy.