Build Drive, Push, and Desire to Make Your Fortune Sooner
Build Drive, Push, and Desire to Make Your Fortune Sooner

Build Drive, Push, and Desire to Make Your Fortune Sooner

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To get your day off to a good start, I have to tell you a short story.

A few weeks ago a reader wrote an email telling me how sad he was over not having any of his deals click. He was really “down in the mouth.”

To cheer him up I called him and told him to keep working — ­that a big deal might be just around the comer.

He seemed doubtful, but he promised to keep working, pushing, trying — as I had urged him.

Two weeks later he called one night to say that two of his deals were about ready to go and if they did, he’d earn $3,000,000 in fees in less than one month! He was already planning what he’d do with some of the money. And if only one deal goes through (they’re in oil and cement), he’ll still have plenty to start his fortune with.

I want your success to be just as good!

Or if you don’t look for big sums like the above, I want your success to give you what you want in life.

And a way for you to get what you seek is to keep pushing, trying, reading, and learning.

Just one word, one idea, one contact, one lead, can do it for you!

I’ve been helping BWBs get started for 20 years. And many of the ideas I brought to this field — and am still bringing — were and are new, fresh, unusual.


Because I’ve done it myself — made money this way myself — and am still making money every day of the week (and I mean seven days) this way. And I say this very humbly because I realize how lucky I’ve been to have the ideas that came my way.

And if there’s one thing I’ve learned in 20 years, it is this: Anyone with the drive, push, and desire to make a million can make it!

I’m so convinced of this that I would stake a good deal of money in an attempt to prove it to people. (And I’m thinking of doing this some day when I have the time!)

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Take the zero-cash approach — where you take over a going business or real estate for no cash down. I’ve seen this method used again and again here in the U.S. and in many European cities. And to prove it’s possible, I save ads from papers advertising such deals.

Yet some people say, “I never see any deals like that.”

“Well, how often do you look for them,” I ask.

“Oh, once a month or so,” is the usual reply.

That’s when I burn — for their sake.

If you’re going to get something in an unusual way, you have to do something unusual to get it!

And what’s that?

You must study the ads every day and every night!

I’m sorry, but that’s the way life is for a BWB.

But see that BWB a year or two from now, and you’ll see someone who’s relaxed, well-dressed, happy, and content.

Yes you can get rich using my methods.

I’m so convinced of this that I’ve spent years in preparing good success kits — such as the Zero Cash Success Techniques — to help you!

You may hear talk of recession, depression, deflation, etc. But when you do, just keep this fact in mind: thousands of fortunes are built during bad times.

You — if you’re alert — can turn so-called bad times into good times. There’s really never a bad time for the BWB who’s willing to see and find good everywhere.

And there is good all around you!

Take this matter of mail-order/direct mail. There are probably more people trying to sell mail order deals to BWBs than any other type of deal. Yet most of these deals are very hard to get going. Why? Because they try to get you to sell to the general public. And that is real tough — unless you’ve done it before. But there is an easier, safer, surer way to get started in mail order/direct mail. It can and will work for you. And I’ve pushed this method for years in my books and my mail order/direct mail success kit, Mail Order Riches, sold by IWS.

What’s the method?

It’s simple, easy, successful!

Get a unique item to sell to ­industry, business, commerce.


Because you can –

(1) reach firms easily — they’re on many lists;

(2) make sales faster, surer;

(3) collect your money sooner, more surely (fewer bounced checks);

(4) grow faster to great wealth in your own business!

As I tell people: Listen to me — because it could make you rich!

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