How to Take Advantage of the Entertainment Licensing Boom

Entertainment Licensing, where a seller uses the name, image, or likeness of an entertainment personality, such as an actor, singer, children’s character (Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck) for promotion purposes, is booming today. Why is this? Because: ADD TO YOUR CART NOW . . . So how can you get in on licensing entertainment personalities to […]

How to Create a Money-getting Pitch for Your Business

Fundraising is incredibly easy. You just call a few investors, tell them how great your idea is, and they write you a check. If your idea is really good, they don’t even ask for equity. They’re just so excited to be a part of your company they can’t wait to give you money. OK, that’s […]

Impact of the New Chevron Ruling on Importers and Exporters

In a landmark decision, the Supreme Court has delivered a ruling on the Chevron doctrine, a pivotal legal precedent that has significantly influenced regulatory law since its inception in 1984. This new ruling has broad implications for various sectors, particularly for importers and exporters who operate under complex regulatory frameworks. As entrepreneurs like you navigate […]

Write a Business Plan Quickly and Painlessly That Will Get You the Money

To get a loan quickly today, you should have a business plan. Why? For a number of good reasons.  ADD TO YOUR CART . . . “So,” you ask, “how do I write a business plan quickly? And without ‘pain’?” Here’s your answer — quickly and easily. The Quick and Painless Way to Write Your […]

For Big Finder Fees, Go Where the Money Is!

Earning finder fees is both fun and rewarding. In this special IW$ article, we’re going to concentrate on the latter: making finder fees more rewarding. As in you making more money! So, how exactly do you earn more money with finder fees? Here are a few key elements you should consider for the “big bucks.” […]

When Are Grants Better For You Than Venture Capital?

Venture capital is available for a number of businesses that are developing products for large markets. You hear about some of these companies, many in the technology field, nearly every day. Did you know that grants may also be available for the same businesses? So which should you take: venture capital (VC) or a grant? To […]

How You Can Start a Profitable Import Business Right Now

by J.F. (Jim) Straw, author of Mustard Seeds, Shovels, & Mountains Importing as a small business has long been shrouded in the mysteries of International intrigue. While, in actuality, importing is just about as mysterious as buying from the “Sears” catalog. The fantasies surrounding the import business have been passed down generation after generation. As a […]

A Fortune in Finding Native American Art and Collectibles

Jose, a taxi cab driver earning under $20,000 a year, took up the part-time activity of Finding. Jose’s hobby was studying and collecting Native American arts and crafts, so he decided this might be a logical place to start his Finder work. Jose bought or borrowed every book and every magazine he could find on […]