A Fortune in Finding Native American Art and Collectibles

Jose, a taxi cab driver earning under $20,000 a year, took up the part-time activity of Finding. Jose’s hobby was studying and collecting Native American arts and crafts, so he decided this might be a logical place to start his Finder work. Jose bought or borrowed every book and every magazine he could find on […]

Exporting is the Best Way To Grow A Manufacturing Business

by J.F. (Jim) Straw When most small manufacturing businesses start-up, they concentrate their sales efforts on the known markets here in the United States. Defining their markets as the known users of their products; known distributors of those products; and known (or accessible) sales areas within the U.S., overlooking the larger — more profitable — […]

Know What Big Money Can Do for Your Life Today

I see hundreds of people each year who’ve raised themselves from low incomes to high incomes through using my success methods. And I’ve never met one person yet who said he was sorry that he went after the big money. All have said that they thought the results were worth the effort. And if they had the chance to do it all over again, they would.

How to Parlay a Low-profit Idea into a Fortune

Mort Weisinger started to write an article on items that can be obtained free of charge by the public. He planned to title the article “Land of the Free.” As he collected information for his article he began to see that he’d never have enough space to cover the hundreds of free and useful items. […]

Are You Cut out to be an Entrepreneur?

by J.F. (Jim) Straw, author of Mustard Seeds, Shovels, & Mountains Believe it or don’t, I just flunked another test for “entrepreneurial” traits! From my test score, it appears I am probably better adapted to washing dishes than running a business. Then again, according to the governing laws of aerodynamics, bumble bees can’t fly either. Let me […]

Tax Problem? Here’s How to Get Help from the IRS

If a taxpayer disagrees with an IRS decision, they can ask the IRS Independent Office of Appeals to review their case. This office is separate from the rest of the IRS. Appeals officers review cases that taxpayers submitted, meet with the taxpayer informally, and consider the taxpayer’s position and the IRS’s position in a fair […]