Get the Money: Make Business Financing Easier With These Tips
Get the Money: Make Business Financing Easier With These Tips

Get the Money: Make Business Financing Easier With These Tips

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PEOPLE TALK ABOUT HOW HARD IT IS to get business financing for a new or existing business or real estate investment. Yet we hear from readers of our IW$ Newsletter and books who say:

  • I got business financing sooner than I thought I would.”

  • It wasn’t easy. But, then again, I did get the financing and the work wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be.”

  • I tried a number of lenders and learned a little from each lender who turned me down. But I kept my loan goal in mind and finally got the loan money I needed. The effort was worth it. I’d do the same all over again if I had to.”

ALL OF THESE REMARKS ARE GREAT TO HEAR because they prove that the headline of this page is true, namely:

  • Financing for business or real estate can be made easier if you approach the loan-getting process in an organized way.

  • Recognizing that getting a loan for your business or real estate is a natural step that almost every business takes to get money needed for operations, startup, or expansion.

  • Using good, accepted business methods to get the money you need from a lender who knows your type of business.

TO MAKE IT EASIER TO GET YOUR LOAN, for either your business or real estate, while increasing your approval speed, take these steps:

  1. Find a lender that specializes in your type of loan, that lends in the range of the amount you seek, and makes loans in the area in which your business is located.

  2. Get the lender’s information and study it carefully to see that you fit into its lending guidelines (often called “lending parameters”) with respect to loan purpose, amount, and term.

  3. Prepare a “perfect” Loan Application for your lender by answering all questions and submitting your answer quickly in the way your lender requests—by mail, by fax, or by email.

  4. Don’t “bug” the lender with demands for a fast answer, Let the lender give you your answer when the lender is ready to give it to you. Being patient impresses the lender and you have a much better chance of getting your loan easier and faster!

And it goes without saying, the best way to make the getting-of-the-money easier is to read good books and fill yourself with great information. Start with a few of the books and kits we’ll list here. And then grow from there because, as you already know, when you LEARN . . . you EARN!

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