Write a Business Plan Quickly and Painlessly That Will Get You the Money
Write a Business Plan Quickly and Painlessly That Will Get You the Money

Write a Business Plan Quickly and Painlessly That Will Get You the Money

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To get a loan quickly today, you should have a business plan.


For a number of good reasons. 

  1. A business plan shows your lender you are serious about your business goals and that you’ve thought out how you’ll reach them while repaying your loan — fully and on time.
  2. A good business plan helps you see ahead to your future steps in business and how you’ll take each to reach your financial goals.
  3. A business plan lets you concentrate on building your business to its maximum income without having to worry about money.

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Perhaps the most thorough and complete business plan kit on the Internet today, the IWS Business Plan Kit shows how to prepare a business plan to raise money for any business. It is complete with several examples of successful business plans.


“So,” you ask, “how do I write a business plan quickly? And without ‘pain’?”

Here’s your answer — quickly and easily.

The Quick and Painless Way to Write Your Business Plan

  1. Find a Business Plan for your type of business that you like and that says what you want to say about your business in a way that you like and admire. This will be your “model.”
  2. Substitute your company’s name for the firm name in the business plan. Then pattern the description of your company on the business plan you like (the model). You can put your words in for what you believe your company can — and will — do in your business as time goes on.
  3. Do the same for the other sections of your business plan, such as Competition, the Market, Your Management Team, Your Marketing Plans, and Financial Projections. Be sure to put your own numbers here.
  4. Do not just copy the other Business Plan! Just use the business plan as a guide (a model) to your own plan. With the other plan as a guide, you can concentrate on what you will do with your company, its sales, and its people.
  5. Use a business plan for real estate projects, too. Why? Because lenders admire real estate operators who take the time to prepare a sound business plan for their projects. Very few real estate entrepreneurs do plans!



Because a business plan can get YOU the real estate or business loan you seek faster than you ever thought possible!

Do a good business plan and you can get almost every loan you ever apply for!

Just be sure NOT TO COPY another company’s business plan! Instead, use it as a guide (or model) to doing yours so you get the funding you need for your real estate or business!

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