For Big Finder Fees, Go Where the Money Is!
For Big Finder Fees, Go Where the Money Is!

For Big Finder Fees, Go Where the Money Is!

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Earning finder fees is both fun and rewarding.

In this special IW$ article, we’re going to concentrate on the latter: making finder fees more rewarding. As in you making more money!

So, how exactly do you earn more money with finder fees?

Here are a few key elements you should consider for the “big bucks.”

For the largest earnings you should:

  • Concentrate on the biggest deals because they often take less time than the smallest deals.
  • “Screen” every deal before taking it on because unwise deals can waste your time, energy, and money.
  • Have a written agreement with your client covering your exact fee and when you will be paid for successful completion of the finder assignment.

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There are All Kinds of Finder Deals Around Today

There’s some good news — and some better news.

The good news is that everyone, everywhere wants something. Even needs something.

The better news is that some of those things are hard or difficult to find — and that’s where you can make your high-dollar finder fees. For example,

  • REAL ESTATE. Find a choice property for a gas station where 5,000 cars pass every day during daylight hours.
  • AGRICULTURAL PRODUCTS. Find red beans, green beans, corn, barley, wheat, apples, oranges . . . you get the idea.
  • PETROLEUM. Find crude oil or refined products such as diesel, lube oil, jet fuel, No. 2 heating oil, etc.
  • MONEY. Find funding for business or real estate to buy, rehab, expand, finance or otherwise inject cash into an existing situation or property needing money.

Your Biggest Finder Fees Will Come from the Largest Deals

Pick only those deals you (1) believe you can complete and (2)which are the largest in terms of dollar value.


A 10% Finder Fee on a $1,000,000 deal will bring you $100,000 for successfully completing your assignment.

But a 10% Finders Fee on a $100,000 deal will bring you only $10,000 when you “deliver the goods.”

Often the work you do on the $100,000 deal will take longer than on the $1,000,000 deal. So pick the most lucrative deal for yourself and your business.

But when big deals are scarce, look for smaller deals to fill in open chunks of time so your income is steady.

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The Easiest Deals To Do Are Those Where You Find Money

Why are money deals easier than other deals?

Because finding money is purely a “paper” search! You’re looking for a suitable lender or grantor willing to lend or fund a business or real estate deal and it’s all done by mail, fax, e-mail, and telephone.

You then present your deal in a “winning way” to the lender or grantor to earn your fee helping someone get money.

So, find the biggest deals that you can to earn the biggest fees. Sure, you might have to start small if you’re just beginning; with time and experience, you’ll be logging the stratospheric deals before you know it!

Just keep trying and learning and doing something everyday to bring you closer to your goals — and your financial fortune!

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