Know What Big Money Can Do for Your Life Today
Know What Big Money Can Do for Your Life Today

Know What Big Money Can Do for Your Life Today

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Did you ever stop to think what big money can do for you — especially if it comes from your own business?

The power of really big money in your life is beyond most of your fondest dreams!


Because really big money can:

  • Change your entire personality for the better
  • Allow you to be what you really want to be
  • Give you power over others to get what you want
  • Put you in a position of enjoying life to the hilt

Yes, big money is powerful, useful, helpful to you. And you — in my opinion — should never forget the power of big money. Keep it in mind at all times and it will help you over those rough spots most of us meet in life at some time or another.

And when I talk about big money, I can be talking about less than a million dollars for some people and much more than a million dollars for others. Much depends on how much you need to express yourself in your way! And each of us is different so we all need different amounts of money to be in the big money!

That’s what makes life so wonderful!

To some people, $300,000 is their big money. To others, $3,000,000 is their big money.

Much depends on what you want to do with it.

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The Power of Big Money

In this section I’d like to remind you of the power of big money from your own business. Big money from a salary is almost a disappointment because so much of it goes for taxes. But in your own business, big money:

  • Gives you freedom from bosses who make you slave for the profits of others
  • Puts you in command so you don’t have to take orders from others
  • Allows you to create things you have always dreamed about for yourself
  • Helps you do more every day of the year — either working or playing
  • Creates new friends, opens new doors, changes your entire world at work and play
  • Shows you how to be yourself at work, at home, at play, at relaxing

I see hundreds of people each year who’ve raised themselves from low incomes to high incomes through using my success methods. And I’ve never met one person yet who said he was sorry that he went after the big money. All have said that they thought the results were worth the effort. And if they had the chance to do it all over again, they would.

The happiness of the chase and conquest were wonderful!

Now money success is not the only success you can have. There is success in many other parts of life that are important to you and to me. Such as:

  • Success with people — your relatives and friends
  • Success with things — your home, your hobbies, etc.
  • Success at helping others — as with charities, young people, etc.
  • Success in making your dreams come true in life

Yes, all these aspects of success are important for all people.

Money Success

But, behind all the other aspects of success lies one core, key element. And do you know what that is? It is, in my opinion, money success!

If you have the money you can get the friends, can help your relatives, can buy the home you want, can hunt, swim, fish, boat, etc., all you want, can give money away to charities, if you want to, and can make your favorite dreams come true!

Ask me, I know! Why? Because I’ve done just that!

In all my writing and teachings I try to show you how to reach the big money sooner. From what I see and hear from BWBs who’ve hit it big, you should be able to go from zero to one million dollars in worth in 3 years,using my methods. Some BWBs have reached their first million much sooner than 3 years. And others have taken a little longer.

But it can be done; it is being done; and I want you to do it.

I really don’t care too much if you use my methods or not. But I do know this. My ways can — I firmly believe — put you into the big money much sooner than any other methods you might come across anywhere.

So start now to think big money — for you!

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